We all know that its been a tough road with the COVID-19 pandemic and we are all in this together. Even through the struggle, Expoland is still in operation we are available for our clients. We are continually monitoring recommendations from heath authorities and keeping a close eye on the reopening of the NON virtual trade shows.

So let’s start the conversation and let’s get back together.

THE DAMN TRUTH music video

Please see video bellow, IO Studios came to us with a specific concept that they had in mind. Although this is not something we have done in the past, we were very happy to be able to create and build what they envisioned. The concept was of a rotating box, something of the idea of inception and it would be used to film the music video for the band THE DAMN TRUTH, THIS IS WHO WE ARE NOW. We invite you to watch the video and them watch the BST video.

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